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We are proud to work with many councils in the North East along with landscapers, horticulturalists and landscapers. Please read on to hear feedback from our customers and projects we support.

"I have been using Greentech's services since starting up in business in 2013/2014, I have always found Darren very easy to work with, approachable  and very knowledgeable about his products. We started off using small quantities of soil improver which enhances the gardens which we were looking after and the benefits of the soil soon became apparent in the appearance and growth rate of shrubs and plants. I soon started using the soil improver on a larger scale with some of the more mature and larger sites in which I look after. We are now using Greentech's compost in large scale vegetable patches in schools, commercial and domestic sites. 


I have used Darren's products for top dressing and also pre-turf soil and the results and the results of these products have been fantastic. Also an added advantage of using Greentech is the ability to mix soil and sand to your personal requirements which is invaluable and the results have been spectacular.


As our business continues to grow we hope to have the relationship with Darren and Greentech for many years to come."


Kevin McElrue

The Garden Keeper

"We have tried many other popular branded soils and none have the same results as Greentech's. The ground we worked on at Gibside walled garden was previously a car park and as result the ground was compact and weed ridden, Greentech's soil helped with fertility, humus, and drainage. We now have a garden full of a variety of vegetables, and flowers. I would recommend Greentech's soil to anyone that asked!"


Mick Marston

Gibside Walled Gardens

“With every intention of arriving on the farm one foggy June morning to pick up and purchase two tonnes of compost from Greentech Services, farmer Darren asked what our compost was for?  After explaining that we were building a memorial garden at our primary school for a little boy that passed away last year, Darren without any prompting insisted we have the compost for free!  A lovely act of kindness that really helped with our memorial garden project.  The compost itself was absolutely first grade to boot! Thank you so much J “

Jo Butler

Westgate Hill Primary School, Newcastle Upon Tyne

We were so greatful for Greentech's contribution of soil conditioner for our school grounds. It has proven very fruitful, quite literally! Our vegetable patch is over flowing and our flower beds have been topped up and looking lovely. Thank you Greentech.

Ms McKinney

Stamfordham First School, Newcastle Upon Tyne

For the past 18 months we have been using a compost and sand mix supplied by Greentech to top dress sports pitches.  This product is graded to 6mm and is very easy to spread.  We have been pleased with the results and have seen an improvement in the grass condition and colour.


Michael Wright

Grounds Maintenance Specialists Ltd

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